Managing Director, Graham Wyllie, founded GFW Quality Management Ltd (GFWQM) in January 2018 with the aim of creating a business that provides quality management services at an affordable price.

Having gained a track record of helping organisations across all sectors with their quality needs over the last 25 years. GFWQM has drawn on all of that experience to set up a new business that plugs the gap that exists for so many people in how best to manage their ever-changing quality requirements.

We now offer a range of services including one-off consultancy projects, tailored training courses on continuous improvement tools and techniques and unique virtual Quality Director support.

We advise on all quality management related topics, meaning that you can rely on expert advice on an ongoing basis, and with strategic alliances with Quality Scotland, and other parties, we can help all types of businesses with their improvement solutions.

We love working with organisations large, small, and somewhere in-between to achieve outstanding results and embark on their journey to excellence.

GFWQM can offer Quality Management Services including:

  •  Achieving Cost Savings for organisations by making their business processes more effective
  •  Improving Profit Margin by ensuring that Service Level Agreements provide Best Value for the Stakeholders
  •  Acting as an objective advisor on Corporate Strategy and Business issues
  •  Providing Advice and Independent Support on all areas of Quality Management Services
  •  Supporting in-house Client Teams with their Process and Performance Management activities and Reports
  •  Introducing Best Practice Templates for KPI ‘s and Performance Outcomes
  •  Setting up effective Audit Regimes for Products and Services
  •  Assisting in the Documentation of Processes and Procedures

GFW Quality Management is proudly supporting  Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland (SBH Scotland), a charity providing a lifetime commitment of support and information to all those affected by these complex, rare disabilities. They need to raise over £1 million each year to provide dedicated support and clinical services to children, young people, adults, family members, carers and professionals across Scotland. With little statutory funding, they need all the help they can get to continue in 2021 and beyond. Please visit their website for more details.


We love to solve problems, and with over 25 years’ experience of working in Quality Management, we can see where things can be improved, and get things moving in the right direction. We love getting teams working better together, and creating a positive culture within organisations.

We thrive in tackling difficult issues and tricky situations, and can improve processes by mapping out how they are at present, and then creating a more effective (leaner) way in which they can operate. Our trick is to help people along the journey, from the current (as-is) state, to the new (to-be) state. Graham Wyllie, our founder, having also spent over 10 years in Civil Engineering, has learnt how to deliver projects on time, to the agreed quality standards, and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Our strength is in getting those involved in the processes to work with me so that they feel engaged and empowered to make a difference. Our approach is pragmatic, providing consistently honest and direct feedback, meaning that we can focus on securing meaningful results. We have worked with organisations of all sizes and sectors across the UK, and have achieved outstanding results by focusing on the solutions and not the problems, this is the secret to successful Quality Management.

We always focus on the end result, and will achieve the best outcome by being determined, and committed, at all times.