A family controlled business passionate about its products & service levels yet large enough to cope with all your requirements based in Scotland, covering the UK and the world.

The Beal Group of Companies service and supply global requirements whilst being totally committed to UK manufacturing.

With its two manufacturing bases – one in Scotland the other in the West Midlands, the Beal Group provides service requirements, throughout the UK and also overseas. With a combined production facility of over 75,000 square feet, the group manufactures over 2,500 items per week and has the space and facility to work on equipment and vehicles both inside, and outside, their factories.

With a combined workforce of over 85 staff and over 35 years of experience,

the group service a wide range of sectors, supplying simple and complicated products from one off single customised items to mass bulk production.

The group is focused on manufacturing quality products, engineered to meet the customer’s requirements or specification. Their design teams will work to find a solution to meet a client’s specific needs, requirements and lead times.

Why Did They Come To You?

The company approached me via an online enquiry and made me aware that they were currently recruiting for someone as part of their team to take responsibility for Quality, Health and Safety and Continuous Improvement.

However, they had a significant ISO audit due in a few weeks’ time and were looking at the potential of a consultant to assist in preparation for that audit, as they had a number of things to deal with internally, and their resources were limited.

I attended a meeting with the Managing Director and the Operations Manager, and submitted a proposal to perform a number of internal audits, identify their non-conformances and areas for improvement ahead of their external re-certification audit in a matter of weeks’ time.

What Did You Do For Them? 

I attended a site visit orientation meeting and then drafted a programme of internal audits which I presented to the senior management team.

The goals and objectives of the project were agreed and signed off by the MD and I commenced the audit activity, working alongside the company’s operational staff to ensure maximum buy-in and involvement of stakeholders.

I wrote up detailed audit reports, highlighting major and minor non-conformances, as well as identifying areas for improvement across their operations and service delivery outputs.

As A Large Manufacturing Company,

the flow of materials plays a key role in the success of their operations, therefore my audits were designed to capture the current state of their performance, and the images below illustrate components of the manufacturing process, including storage bays, signage and workflow.

All audit report items were cross-referenced to the specific ISO 9001 clause in order that the owner of the process/procedure could make improvements that were aligned to a recognised international standard.

Communication was key as we were working to very tight timescales, therefore regular meetings with the senior management took place and I chaired all meetings relating to quality management activity.


What Did
They Say About It?

“The Operations Manager was delighted with my approach and how I kept the senior management team informed of my progress at all times.

He appreciated that I had very quickly understood the challenge and had delivered against
the project requirements in full.”


ISO 9001 Certification

The results of my activity were tangible in that I identified the areas of the business that required attention before the external re-certification audit took place. I also attended meetings with the external audit company when they were on site and explained the methodology that I had used throughout. They were impressed with the open book nature of my reporting, and also my proactive approach to delivering the internal audit reports.

As a result of my internal audit activity, the company has closed the gaps on their approach to risk, improved communications with their operatives, updated their standard operating procedures and better understand the ISO 9001 standard at all levels of the business. The Beal Group successfully passed the external ISO 9001 audit, and as a result, they continue to grow the business, and deliver excellent results, for their customers.