You may also feel as though you’re being rushed into agreeing to cost savings but know that you haven’t had the time to think through where these savings will come from. Therefore you know that you’re going to struggle to identify the areas under your control that can be streamlined or simplified.

We’ve all been put under pressure at times to work smarter, think faster and embrace new technology, however, wouldn’t it be nice to take charge of where these savings and improvements will come from? If no-one has asked you to directly contribute to any improvement activity in the past and you feel as though you’re in danger of repeating last year’s cost savings plan then maybe it’s time to think differently. Against a backdrop where it’s incredibly difficult to find the time to think differently then you end up using the same approach as previous years, and simply hope that things pan out the way you intend them to do. This is always a dangerous approach, as you know that things will change over the next 12 months, and you’ll end up exceeding your budget and then desperately trying to make costs savings on the hop!

This is your opportunity to try a new approach by getting your team involved in identifying areas of their business processes that can be improved, and making the cost savings that you can confidently commit to achieving.

An effective tool for achieving these costs savings is Process Mapping, it is an incredibly powerful improvement technique that, when properly carried out, can lead to ground-breaking improvements in the way in which you operate. By thinking of the end customer, you can re-design your operational processes in such a way that you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before. Process Mapping workshops also add value by helping you to present a picture of how your processes work from start to finish, this allows you to stand back and see where there are gaps, re-work activity and other areas for improvement.

Furthermore, they form the basis of your documented procedures and because they link to your Quality Management System, they allow processes to be controlled and managed at all levels of the organisation. All of this activity can be achieved in a very short space of time.

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