With over 25 years’ of experience working in Quality Management, we can help you save money, increase customer satisfaction and improve your end to end processes.

We can deliver…

  •  Expert advice and support on all areas of Quality Management
  •  Support on attaining the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard
  •  Tailored Training Courses on Process and Performance Management
  •  Facilitation of Continuous Improvement Teams
  •  Expert advice and support on all areas of Quality Management
  •  Support on attaining the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard
  •  Tailored Training Courses on Process and Performance Management
  •  Facilitation of Continuous Improvement Teams

Quality Management

We offer expert advice and support on all aspects of Quality Management, including the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. We ensure that your organisation is aligned against this recognised Quality Management Framework. We can save you time by completing an objective audit on your approach to Quality Management, and report back on how you can best achieve attainment of the Standard. We will support you on the journey towards ‘Business Excellence ‘, meaning that you will be able to map out your own journey, at all times using proven Quality Management plans and best practice approaches, along the way.

Process Improvement

We provide expert facilitation services to your Continuous Improvement teams on the tools and techniques that are required to achieve Process Excellence. We do this by taking you through a structured approach, and ensure that you avoid the pitfalls and barriers that have caused many organisations to fail in their Process Improvement activity. We are experts in applying ‘lean thinking ‘ methodology, and will guide you through how to form teams and train participants in all aspects of Process Improvement. We can assist you with business process mapping techniques that will form the basis of ‘as-is ‘ and ‘to-be ‘ process maps that will form the basis of how you quantify benefits and report on potential savings to the bottom line. We can help you present your key findings as a ‘Return on Investment ‘ report that demonstrates the benefits in adopting a structured approach to your improvement activity.

Bespoke Training Courses

We offer tailored Quality Management training courses including process management, continuous improvement tools and techniques, process mapping, KPI ‘s and performance measurement, KPO ‘s and performance management, balanced scorecard methodology, internal auditing and evidence based self-assessments against the EFQM Excellence Model.

We can provide courses that match your exact requirements, timescales and budget, and by being able to deliver our courses in-house, means that we can save you the unnecessary staff down-time, travel time and costs, normally associated with external training courses.

Contact us using our feedback form if you wish to discuss your training requirements in more detail.

IRCA Certified Auditors

We offer a comprehensive internal audit of your products and services using certified auditors, and provide you with a full report on our key findings. We align our quality audits against the latest version of the recognised Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015, meaning that you can monitor non-conformances, and track overall progress against full accreditation if desired. We will spend time with your key staff, and take them through the end to end internal audit process, meaning that knowledge is transferred and lessons learnt for future compliance audit issues.

We have the experience of having worked in organisations of all sizes and sectors, meaning that we can relate to your business model very quickly without having to spend time explaining your products and services in too much detail. We will help you prepare for your own internal audits by transferring the necessary skills to scope out the audit activity, and presenting your findings back to senior management.


We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in using the renowned EFQM Self-Assessment Model, meaning that we can help you conduct your own evidence based self-assessment activity using proven tools and techniques. We will ensure that your scoring is accurate and robust, meaning that it will support your approach to achieving Excellence Awards, and recognition from external bodies. We help you to understand how the Excellence model can become the business planning tool for your organisation and translate the Results criteria into meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPI ‘s), which can measure performance within your own organisation. We can assess your performance against our Quality Management system and a rigorous scoring mechanism, and identify your Strengths and Areas for Improvement.

Business Excellence

We offer practical guidance on how to achieve Business Excellence, using recognised methodologies and sharing of ‘best practice ‘ approaches from industry. We aim to share our own knowledge with your organisation and can draw on our own work with national Partners to achieve the best outcome for your continuous improvement teams. We can help you with all aspects of change management, adopting a ‘process thinking ‘ approach to your organisation and transform the way in which you treat your customers. We can show you how to convert the fundamental concepts of excellence into your own business and change cultures by improving outcomes rather than focusing on the low level indicators.


We can help with the documentation of your Quality Policies & Strategies, Business Processes and Operational Procedures and simplify the documentation manuals that are often too confusing for the end user to understand and hence mistakes are made on how they are applied in practice. We do this by breaking the processes and procedures down into a structured manner, and write the documentation in a way which means that they are compliant against recognised Quality Standards, and other relevant legislation. We can transform pages and pages of procedure into clear and concise flowcharts and process maps that are easy to read and understand at all levels of the organisation.


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